New Splatoon Amiibo In Stores July 8 in NA [UPDATED]

By | April 30, 2016

Callie and Marie + Re-color Inklings arrive in July.

UPDATE: Originally our post stated the Callie and Marie Amiibo would be available separately at $12.99 USD each in North America; this is incorrect. Callie and Marie will only be available in the two-pack in North America, and available separately in Japan.

Nintendo announced today that new Amiibo are on the way for Splatoon, bringing new music for the game along with them.


Callie and Marie (AKA The Squid Sisters) are immensely popular singers in the world of Splatoon, and featured heavily in the story and also the multiplayer; acting as announcers for new content and the daily map changes. They will be available together for $24.99 USD in a two-pack, and each of the figurines will unlock new music tracks which will play in-game.


Also available on July 8th are recolors of the existing Inkling Boy, Inkling Girl and Squidling figurines. The Boy and Girl figurines will be available separately for $12.99 USD, and the Squidling will only be available in the 3-Pack with the Boy and Girl for $34.99 USD.



It’s is likely that the Callie and Marie figurines will be extremely popular upon release due to fans’ continued desire for them. We may see the rise of a new Amiibo craze this summer.

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