Footage of Cancelled Legacy of Kain Title Surfaces

By | February 24, 2015

Pre-Alpha footage of the cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun has surfaced, and it looks fantastic.

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun

Within a massive info dump courtesy of NeoGAF user MamaRobotnik lies a wealth of screenshots, outlines of lore and 32 minutes of never-before-seen video of gameplay from Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. Cancelled in 2013, Dead Sun was meant to be a successor to both Blood Omen and Soul Reaver in theme and design; the introduction of a new hero, a new setting and new mechanics would have brought the Legacy of Kain series into the seventh and eighth generations of gaming.

Alas, it was never to be. We can only look fondly upon what has been preserved and make our judgements from there. Personally, I probably would have played the hell out of this title; the marriage of open-world exploration and a dark LoK storyline is just what the series needed. You can see the full info dump at NeoGAF here, and watch the full gameplay footage below courtesy of YouTube.

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