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About Brandon Carlson

Brandon is the Creative Director of and has been gaming since he was two-years old; he has written for numerous publications on the net and is a pretty loud guy.

Call of Duty is Going to Space

Space… The Final Frontier. These are the continuing stories of the starship Activision. It’s mission; To shamelessly rip off those guys we fired and sued three years ago.

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Reddit Inspired: Why hasn’t there been a Super Monkey Ball game on Wii U yet!?

For the past two years, I’ve floundered as a writer in the games industry. There was once a time when I could sit down for about a half an hour and work out an article that was of due relevance to either myself or my readers, as few and far between as they’ve always been.

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Welcome back to!

Hello, and welcome back to!

We’ve spent the past 4 months retooling and regrouping to bring you more interactive, focused and in-depth coverage of our greatest passion: video games and gamer culture.

We’re more dedicated than ever to delivering you the highest-quality editorial and media content that we can offer. In the coming weeks, you’ll see the fruits of our labor as we re-launch our podcast, bring on more editors and deliver a fresh perspective on the video game industry through colorful commentary and new video content.

We’re passionate about games. We love playing games and talking about how it effects our lives, culture and the world as a whole. We want to create a community dedicated to making gamer culture better and bringing it back to it’s roots; that playing games is fun and how everyone plays.

So get ready to join us on a new adventure – we’ll be traveling the US Midwest this summer of 2015 and creating a community of gamers centered around making gaming fun again.

Because we’re Wired for Gaming. We play games, we love games;